If the NESAR method of confinement is truly similar to how our own Sun magnetically confines; then this page is an extension of some logically built assumptions on how the NESAR confinement method relates to stellar gravitational, magnetic, and plasma observations.

How the Sun Truly Perpetuates

This presentation reviews how the sun perpetuates based upon the basic design of the NESAR. Being able to logically explain how the sun perpetuates, proves that the NESAR method of fusion is valid.

Possible Anti-Gravity Applications

If strong gravity is truly based upon charged particle interacting under the influences of converging geodesic deviation, then inversing the effect should create a strong anti-gravity effect. This presentation briefly reviews how the NESAR may be able to produce strong anti-gravity forces. 

What is Magnetic Reconnection?

Tokamak reactors will always fail due to magnetic reconnection issues. This presentation attempts to explain the phenomenon in the simplest way possible based upon correlating stellar observations to physical laws. 

Why the NESAR is Better than the Polywell

This presentation reviews how the NESAR corrects the issues found in previous methods of magnetic cusp confinement fusion reactor devices

Gravitational Waves: Nature's Anti-Gravity

If the strong gravitational force is created from charged particles interacting under converging geodesic effects, then there is a great possibility that diverting effects cause anti-gravity. If anti-gravity occurs in this fashion, then gravitational waves are nothing more than an occurrence of an anti-gravity event. This presentation briefly reviews how this anti-gravity occurrence happens in nature. 

Plausible Theory for Dark Energy

This a very general and very brief presentation that quickly goes over my theory that massive anti-gravity forces may be the cause of the expansive force we know as dark energy. 

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