Husband, Dad, Inventor, and Physics Enthusiast

I am an inventor from West Virginia whose faith-filled persistence to truly understand how our universe operates has led me to pursue this comprehension by mainly focusing upon the proven laws of physics instead of the unproven theories that are often overly focused upon.  In doing so, I have immersed myself in focusing on how natural phenomena occur in the cosmos in an effort to tie recorded observations to the foundations of the physical laws of science in order to construct a basic understanding of how stellar occurrences may influence innovation.

Over the years in approaching to understand stellar observations with a focus on physical laws; I have developed a method of magnetic confinement that may provide for an understanding of sustainable fusion, strong gravity, sun cycle perpetuation, magnetic reconnection, and possible applications for anti-gravity. These revolutionary concepts stem from the development of the NESAR, which is a patented device that was designed to operate as similarly as possible to our own sun, and may have the capacity to perpetuate sustainable fusion and strong gravity simultaneously through a newly developed field of study I call "Charged Particle Shaping".

Currently, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has taken an interest in the NESAR concept and could possibly assist in funding the research to further explore this new theory of quantum gravity that may have anti-gravity applications. 

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