Possibly the Only Path to Sustainable Fusion and Understanding Quantum Gravity


The NESAR is a patented magnetic confining device that is designed to truly simulate the capabilities of our own sun. This device pushes charged particles past the magnetic cusps, the area for electron escape, for an almost perfect confinement of electrons. These confined electrons are needed in creating a negative well potential with a single relative center for ions to accelerate towards. Having this single location for perpetuating ion collisions for fusion, maximizes the rate at which fusion occurs; which allows for a much smaller device to sustain effective fusion rates. 

In addition, the NESAR method of confinement allows for Einstein's calculated geodesic deviating effects of spherical shaping to be placed upon the confined electrons; which then creates a void force from the repulsive interactions between electrons that are attracted to each other under the effects of geodesic deviation. The mathematical effect of geodesic deviation in spherical shaping has never before been considered as the measurable factor for truly understanding quantum gravity. Essentially the NESAR allows for this geometric effect to be quantified through forced interactions between charged particles; which answers man's long-standing conundrum of why Newton's Law of Gravity and Coulomb's Law of Charged Particle Interaction are basically the same equation.   

In general, this is the only fusion reactor that truly encompasses the term "Sun in a Bottle", as it is able to perform both sustainable fusion and gravity. This device has the possibility of disproving the existence of dark matter altogether by demonstrating that strong gravity is mainly based upon the mass confinement of electrons; forgoing the need to have observable gravitational effects depended upon the masses of protons and neutrons. Due to the possible revolutionary capabilities of this device, it has caught the interest of some within the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) who are currently considering the possibility of further exploring the NESAR confinement method with funding support. 

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The NESAR Method of Fusion

The NESAR Method of Gravity

Full NESAR Presentation

NESAR Patent Application

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